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If you're going to do something, do the shit out of it

Fantasy baseball has crept under my skin like the alien life form featured in the X-Files. My eyes began turning black in 2017, when a friend invited me to join his league. 
"It will be fun," he said. 
I have a thing for imaginary baseball activities. As a kid, I played Strat-o-Matic, APBA, and Microleague Baseball to the point of obsession. I kept score to pretend games between the late 70s Phillies and Pirates, where results were based on where a plastic ball struck the exterior siding of my family home. I delved into the Baseball Encyclopedia and unearthed historical stars like Hack Wilson and Hugh Duffy to build an early Macintosh baseball empire. 
"It will be fun," he said.
The league is called "Big Hitters," I don't know why. It is a 10 team auction keeper format, where auction prices for players escalate each year by five dollars. Managers can keep as many players as they can afford for the following year's price. The complexity of the auction format with the depth of the keeper component hooked me, but my modern baseball knowledge was lacking. I remember asking the commissioner, "What's WAR?"
I started listening to podcasts, and building spreadsheets, and it turned out my friend was right.
It was fun.
Soon, I was searching for more ways to play fantasy baseball. I found myself drawn to dynasty. I now own franchises in 10, 15, 20, and 30 team dynasty leagues. I hope that by sharing my experiences, other players can get more enjoyment out of their leagues.

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