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The Beginning

I started this blog to take notes on my teams. I want to use these notes to improve my future performance in my many leagues. I have only been playing dynasty formats since the off-season of 2019, and already, I look at some rosters, wondering, “How did I get all these players?” The transaction history on Fantrax is of no help, so I need to build my own reference tool. If years will pass before outcomes of trades are known, I need to take better notes. is my reminder system, my public notebook.

There are many fantasy baseball information providers, from the highly commercialized CBS Fantasy Baseball Today to the scrappy upstart Dead Pull Hitter, to the steady Sleeper and the Bust, voices abound. Regardless of the size of the source, one mantra rings throughout the podcasts: nobody cares about your fantasy team. Paul Sporer will chat with Justin Mason for five minutes about a league they are in together. Then they will laugh and say, “I know. Nobody cares about my fantasy team,” as if they are responding to angry Twitter comments. It is like they can feel the angry Twitter comments while they are speaking and adjust. But I actually wouldn’t mind hearing about their fantasy teams if space were available to provide the full context. I’d love to play along with those guys.

So, this blog isn’t just for me. It is for anyone else who would like to play along with me as I stumble through my dynasty baseball career. Let’s play ball.

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